Core Team

In addition to Chris Thompson (see Elders), the following are on the Core Team.

Rob Barnes joined the Fellowship as a teenager and is married with four children. He is Logistics and Sunday Meeting Coordinator and works as a chartered engineer.






Hazel is married to Chris (see Elders). Hazel has been a Christian for over 35 years. She was an officer in The Girls Brigade in Dublin before coming to the UK in 1988. Hazel has been involved in many areas of the life of the Fellowship over the years. She’s been part of the children/youth work since her first child was born. She has a passion for every person to know God fully for themselves. She is currently enrolled on the Leadership Development Programme with Bethel Church in California. She works part-time as a book-keeper.

Chris McCormick heads up our Children and Young People Group. Chris was christened as a baby in a Catholic church, but spent many years as an agnostic before he encountered God after a friend’s baptism in a local swimming pool. “I only went for a swim!”, is maybe what should be written on his tombstone, because not only did he meet Jesus that night, but he also met his future wife Miriam whom he married in 1991. A wife for life and an eternal life, in one night! They have two children.