Chris has been part of the Church Leadership for a number of years and since September 2005 he has been an Elder and member of the code leadership team. Chris has been a Christian for over 35 years. He is married to Hazel and they have 3 children. He came over from Dublin in 1987 and has been a member of the Fellowship since then.

He wants to make his life count as a follower of Jesus, as a father, church member and secular worker (in accounting and I.T.). He, together with Hazel headed up the Care Team for a number of years. He has been involved in youth and children’s work and a number of evangelistic initiatives, including leading Alpha groups, going on Walk of 1,000 men, and organising John 3:7 street evangelism in Weybridge.

He is currently involved in hosting lunches organised through the Runnymede Foodbank. He wants to see a strong, healthy church reaching out to the community.



David became a Christian in 1966 and served as a Boys Brigade officer, a youth leader and a Methodist local preacher in the Staines and Ashford area.

In 1985 he and his wife Heather moved to Weybridge. They were present at the Fellowship’s first regular Sunday meeting in September 1985 along with their son Andrew.

David worked for BP for 20 years developing computer software. He has been involved full time in Christian ministry since 1993.

He has made more than 50 overseas mission trips. In the early days these were, largely to Asia and Central America but are now mainly to Africa. He is one of the founders of Mission Africa, an evangelistic and teaching ministry.

In 2009 David & Heather passed on the main leadership of the church in order to concentrate on their work overseas. They formed dh ministries whose mission is “developing and supporting Christian leaders across the nations”, in particular carrying out John Maxwell’s Million Leaders Mandate Training.